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Borderless Financial super app

built on Algorand.

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Traditional finance meets DeFI

Vibrant Exchange is a unique project that bridges traditional finance and decentralized finance. It's a borderless super app that's inexpensive and incredibly easy to use.

Vibrant Exchange is an uber-simple, next-gen, non-custodial portfolio solution that is scalable to billions of users and transactions. Safely connect to your crypto wallets and favorite exchanges. Bring your crypto, security tokens, and NFTs to the superfast, secure and inexpensive Algorand Platform. Trade, earn, and track all your digital assets from one simple, unified interface.

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Vibrant Exchange

Awallet interface and connector for the users to add your favourite asset, connect to your favourite exchange and trade in a easy way.

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Vibrant Money

A fiat ramp and payment rails to easily move from fiat to crypto, crypto to fiat, fiat to fiat, crypto to crypto network easily in a legally compliant and smart way.

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Vibrant Finance

A comprehensive portfolio management solution to help you track all forms of traditional and crypto assets in a non-custodial way in single unified solution.

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We are currently building the initial version of Vibrant Exchange and we will be ready soon.

If you're interested learn more about our progress, follow us and like us in the following social channels.

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